Custom Add On Modules

BDE Offers A Range
Of Custom Add On Modules

To further enhance the products that we support, BDE has developed some custom add-on modules. 

How effective custom modules can help your business

These add-on modules seamlessly integrate with the core products, giving the end user the ability to ‘work’ in one application.
Dynamics Purchasing (DP)
Customer Portal
BDE Sports RM Integrator
Think Outside the Box

BDE Products

  • Dynamics Purchasing (DP) – DP is a web-based application that facilitates the processing of Purchase orders, Accounts payables, Expense claims and Credit card management.  The product has approval routings to ensure budgetary control
  • Customer Portal – A portal designed for those out in the field to manage their sales activities via a URL.  Sales orders & documents, customer balance enquiries, stock availability can all be managed on any device
  • BDE Sports RM Integratorthe BDE CRM to GP Integrator for SportsRM is an Integration Service via EDI – Electronic Data Interface, specifically developed to process data from one data source – SportsRM – to another data source – Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains).  This connected system, enables organisations to track and understand the impact of customer interactions as they relate to core business processes and financial outcomes.  There is a significant challenge in analysing, interpreting, and converting potentially thousands of transactions from one system – SportsRM – to another – Microsoft Dynamics GP – for every customer in real, or near-real time.  The BDE CRM to GP Integrator for SportsRM, enables companies to connect systems from different domains to significantly increase productivity, visibility, and accuracy
  • IntegrationsMany businesses have legacy systems that they need to share with their latest technology.  Through the development of API’s the transfer of data is seamless and in ‘real-time’
  • CustomisationsBDE can customise the applications to further improve processes and efficiencies
“Custom solutions tailored to your organisational need”

How BDE can help with custom add on modules

Get up and running quickly

Reduce training time and disruptions with a similar look and feel of and integration with Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel

Make data driven decisions

Quickly make informed decisions using out-of- the-box reporting and smart analytics tools.

Work wherever your business takes you

Get a consistent, secure experience across your desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

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