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Foundation Capabilities


SBA supports exchange of information between Microsoft Dynamics GP and other applications, such as Microsoft products, third party applications and mobile applications, using common standards. SBA services support operations on resources in modules such as Financials, Inventory, Purchasing, Receivables, Requisitions, Administration and System services. This enables SMBs to more easily connect multiple systems to improve information exchange between departments, automate more lightweight processes and become responsive with their vendors


Companion applications are lightweight client apps designed for users who need to interact with Microsoft Dynamics GP only to execute a specific task. These applications enable you to automate more processes without providing full access to Microsoft Dynamics GP functionality. The companion applications are available on popular mobile platforms such as Microsoft Office 365, Windows RT, Windows 8.1, iOS and Android

Business Analyzer

A mobile application that provides business intelligence using Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft SQL Reporting Services and Microsoft Excel charts. This application is optimized for tablets powered by Windows, iOS and Android.


Microsoft Dynamics GP offers two methods of accessing the application: the Windows DESKTOP CLIENT and WEB CLIENT. The web client enables secure access to Microsoft Dynamics GP using a browser thereby enabling anytime, anywhere access. The web client also offers convenient identity management features such as single sign on to Office 365 and other cloud-based applications that use Microsoft Azure Active Directory.


Track additional information related to transactions and contacts by attaching pictures, contracts, copies of invoices or other related information to records.

Documents can also be directly scanned into Microsoft Dynamics GP. In addition, reporting is available within Microsoft Excel to extract data and provide more context to your data.


Apply passwords or block access to forms and windows. You can also apply passwords to fields. Or, you can hide, lock, or disable fields.


Move processor-intensive tasks off the computers your employees use every day and onto dedicated process servers, thereby avoiding costly slowdowns.


RapidStart Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP significantly accelerate the configuration of a company in Microsoft Dynamics GP, as well as the migration of data from competitive products or Excel data into Microsoft Dynamics GP. By using RapidStart Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can reduce the number of days required to deploy the product while also making it easier to engage the right people and teams in your business during the implementation process.


Limit access to sensitive information by role through Role Based Security. Predefined roles come with the application to help organizations get started quickly, and to maintain separation of duties to reduce risk.


Allow your people to slice, dice and filter your business data to provide answers quicker through SmartLists, one of the most popular features in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Hundreds of SmartLists are built into the application and you can also edit them and build your own.


Track transactions throughout the system with source documents that connect documents together giving users insight into where historical transactions flowed through the system.


Microsoft Dynamics GP utilizes Microsoft SQL Server technology including the Microsoft SQL Server database, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, and Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. The named system database allows companies to separate their databases offering more choices when deploying the system. Database Multi-tenancy reduces the number of SQL instances that may be required.


Help people work together by assigning tasks and tracking status of tasks. Also setup reminders that proactively inform you when specific incidents occur such as customers going over their credit limit, short stock items, or payables due. Reminders are defined per user, so each user can get the reminders they need to be more proactive.


Provide structured steps and approvals of business processes through native workflows that can be modified easily to your unique business needs. The native workflow currently supported by the product includes Purchasing, Payroll, Project, Financials and Sales.[/fusion_text][/fullwidth]