Sales Hierarchies

Manage and report on your sales data in away that maps to your business. New hierarchicalvisualizationsand roll-upsbring real-timeterritoryand forecasting data to your fingertips.Visuallyexploreand traversehierarchieswith keyinformation displayed on tiles, launch actionsorcommunicationsfromanynode, and queryfilter recordsusing theunder operator.

Withthisrelease, users can see howinfo isrelatedor grouped byviewing accounts, products, orusersin hierarchical charts. You can click a block ofinfo to getmoredetails and navigateto theinfoyou’re interestedin.

For example, fromthe hierarchicalview for accounts, you can:

  • Seehowan account is doing in overallrevenue
  • Drillinto tilesforsub-accountsto seewhere thedealsare coming from
  • Find out who isworking an account and enlist help fromothersby sending emailorsharingtheaccount with othersalespeople
  • View important details about each account, such ascreditlimitand latest activitypostsfortheaccount

Hierarchicalviewsarealso availableon mobile.