CRM for tablets enhancements

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablets helps you stay connected and productive wherever you are.Use your Windows 8,iPad or Android tablets to stay up to date with your customer info—even when you’re on the go. CRM for tablets has been enhanced to increasesales productivitywithflexible, role tailored dashboards and analytics, personalized homepagesand theability tonavigatebyhierarchy, aswellas improvedsupport for disconnectedscenarios. A new personalizedhomeexperienceallowsmobile employeestopin keyrecords and surfaceanalyticsfromanytabletenabled dashboard in CRM and toeasilyaccessand analyzetheir keydata on thego.

Connectivityisnot alwaysavailable while traveling.With offlinedraftsnewrecordscan be createdand changescan be synchronized oncereconnected.