Synchronize more types of information between CRM and Outlook or Exchange

Teams that use Outlook / Exchange as their centralized information hub can synchronize more types of information now,including:

  • Additionalcontact andtask fields
  • Assignedtasks
  • Appointment attachments

Userscan easilyviewthefieldsthat aresynchronized, which providesconfidenceabout wherethedatacomesfromand howit’sshared.Additionallyadministratorscan enable,disableandconfigurethedirection ofsynchronizationfor thesefields.

New Configuration Wizard make site easy to configure CRM for Outlook for your organization

The CRM for Outlook Configuration Wizard has been redesign edmakingiteasierto configureCRMforOutlook.ThenewConfiguration Wizardalso makesiteasyto add and manageadditionalCRMorganizations.