Business Rules

Business Analysts can easily create advanced business logic throughadeclarative “point-and-click” interfaceto performactionswithin CRM.BusinessRules, introduced inDynamics CRM 2013, havebeenenhanced to includethefollowing:

  • Writeonce, execute everywhere -Business logicisnoweven easier toimplement and enforce
  • Serverside executionallowsbusinessrules tobe executedirrespectiveofwhetherchangesaremade through theclient or on theserverthough theSDK.Rulescan beexecutedon createorupdateoftherecordand form specificactions (fieldvisibility,lock/unlockand field requirement)areignored.
  • Expressricherbusiness logic
  • . Elseif.. Else support enablesmorecomplex structuresto beeasilydefined
  • Combinemultipleexpressionsusing simpleand/or groupingto enablethe definition ofricherconditions.For instance, ifthelead rating ishot or iftheleadisfroman existingaccount, mark thisleadas‘ok to pursue’.
  • Support for defaultvaluesand behaviors
  • Set up each record justright for your sales repsbypre-filling informationwhena recordiscreated.Express condition-lessbusiness logicforrules formed of Set Default,Show/Hide, Lock/Unlock, Set Required.
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