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Business Process Flows

The introduction of the Client API for business process flows, provides complete programmatic access to active and enabled processes. With JavaScript code, implemented by one of your developers, it is now possible to ensure that the user is always working on the right stage of the right process in any given situation. Theeventssuchas moving and selectingstages havebeen exposedto permitfor anaction to betaken notjust in thecontextoftheprocess, but in thecontextofthestagethat theuserisworking on and currentlyviewing.

Calculated Fields

Often, theusers arelookingfor data that isa resultof somecalculation. For example, a salespersonwantsto knowtheweightedrevenuefor an opportunitywhich isbased on theestimatedrevenuefroman opportunitymultiplied bythe probability. Or, they want to automaticallyapplya discount, ifan order isgreater than a certain amount. To providethisdata, youcan definethecalculated fields intheCRM User Interface without needing to writecode. The calculated fieldscontaina value calculatedbased on conditionsand aformuladefinedwithin thisfield. The conditionsand formulascan refer tothevaluesoftheotherfields in the same entityor valuesof thefields in therelatedentities.You candefinea calculated field to containvaluesresulting frommanycommon calculations, such assimplemath operators, and conditionaloperations,such asgreater than or if-else and manyothers.

Business Rules Editor Improvements

Theinitial releaseofbusinessrulescouldonlyevaluatewhether alltheconditionsin arule weretrue.Inthisrelease,in addition to theAND operator, you can useORand If-Elseto build morecomplexand rich businessrule logicwith less effort. Creating a commonlyused branching logic,becomesasimplertask. Thebusiness process flowbranching capabilityis builton thenewIf-Elselogic.

Alsonew, an abilitytoevaluatethebusiness ruleson theserver.When you set the scopeofthebusinessruleatan entitylevel, theruleis evaluatedon theserver. In thepreviousrelease,weprovided asimpledeclarativeinterfaceforyou to applyformlogicwithout writing JavaScript code.But,therulelogicwasonlyevaluatedin theclientsthat supported businessrules, such as theCRMWeb application or CRM for tablets. For thebusinessrule logicthathadto beevaluatedon theserverand applied to allclientsyou stillneeded to writeand run theplug-inson theserver. With thisrelease, you can evaluatethebusinessrules on theserver and apply themto allclientswithout writingcode. For example, you can movethelogic for commonlyusedscenariosout ofplug-insinto theentity-level business rulesthat you definein theCRM user interface.In addition, thesupport forsetting default values hasbeen added to businessrules.For instance, ifContosoonlydoes businessintheUnited States, a simplebusinessrule can becreatedsuch that on thecreation ofan incominglead, thecountryisautomaticallyset to U.S.A.

Capture key business metrics with Roll up fields

Therollup fieldsareused to capturekeybusinessmetrics at arecord level fromrelatedentities withOne-to-Many(1:N)relationships. Therollup fieldsalso providetheabilityto aggregateoverhierarchiesfor morecomplex scenarios. You can definetheentity rollup fields asadecimal or wholenumbers, currency, and date/time. For example,usersmaywant to know:

  • Howmanyopen opportunitiestheyare working on
  • A totalrevenuefor theopen opportunitiesrelatedto theaccount
  • A totalnumber ofhighpriorityactivecases related to theaccount

Theaggregatesare rolled up fromthechildrecordsto theparent record.A maximum of100 rollupfields can bedefined within an organization and each entitycan haveno morethan 10 rollupfields.Therollup fieldsare calculatedbyasynchronoussystem jobs. TheCalculateRollup Fields is a recurringjobthat runsaccording to therecurrencepattern. TheMassCalculateRollup Fields job runsonce,whena Rollup fieldisaddedor updated. Becausetherollup fieldsaresolution components, theycanbeeasilytransported between organizationsand distributedin solutions.

Field Level Security for Out Of the Box fields

Manybusinesseshave sensitive data that shouldonlybeviewableor editableby certain users. Withfield-level security,you can restrict accessto customfields and nowother fields. For example, adminscanenabletheaccount number fieldto be viewed but not changeablefor membersofthe salesteam.


Continuing our commitment to deliver CRM functionality on the latest technologies we have updated the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Compatibility List providing an up to date view of recent and upcoming compatibility testing results.[/fusion_text][/fullwidth]