Case Management

Enableagentsto providedifferentiatedlevels ofsupport with flexibleServiceLevelAgreements“SLA’s”. Gain insight into service effectiveness with theability to track and analyzekey metricslikeFirst Responseand CaseResolution.

Inthepreviousreleaseweenhanced thecase management capabilitieswith MicrosoftDynamicsCRM to include:

  • updatedcaseform tomanage related cases,reviewentitlements, and aTimer toensureyoudo not exceed/breach your SLA’s
  • defining and managing service entitlements and SLA’s
  • creating dynamicrouting and queuing rulesto ensureyou hityour servicetargets
  • mergingduplicateor creating parent / childrelationshipsbetween cases to eliminateredundancies

Thisrelease further improvesthecase management capabilitiesto allow agents to pause and resume SLA’sand trackthetime for which a casewason-holdor waiting on customerto ensureSLA’saremet.