Customer Service

Social and mobile have forever changed customer expectations of how they interact with companies for service. 86% ofcustomersarewilling to pay morefor a bettercustomerexperience.Theyexpecthigh quality, consistent serviceon thechanneloftheir choice, whether it is overtheweb, socialnetworks, or on thephone.Today, 67% ofconsumersusewebself-serviceto findanswersto their questions.

Thechallenge for customer service organizationsisto balancedelivering amazing customerexperiences against their cost toservice for an optimalmix over time. Cost ofservicevariessignificantlyacrosschannels, so companiesareinvestigating howtoprovidedifferentiatedlevels ofcustomer support, whilelooking athowto empower their agentsand makethemmore efficientand effective.

MicrosoftDynamics CRM enablescompanies to build customer loyalty, empower agents and drive resolution by providing relevant, proactive and personalized service across all channels. Companiescan connecttheir customerswith the right answers to their service inquiries at the right time, via their channel of choice across web, social, chat, mobile and phone.