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Our Approach

We talk about delivering business benefits! What this means to us is that the focus of all our client interaction is on delivering client benefits. All our staff are clearly trained and motivated to work in this way. We do not target our staff based on the revenue they deliver but on the benefits our customers successfully realise. It is the yardstick we use for project success.

Integrity means many things to many people; to us it is very simple. In all our dealings with customers and suppliers we will work openly and honestly. We will discuss and agree the objectives and business benefits targeted by any piece of work and we will strive to deliver these to the best of our ability within the terms of reference of our engagement. We will never make recommendations to our clients, which we do not genuinely believe to be in our clients’ interest.

We aim to maintain very high standards of professionalism in everything we do. This includes basic business etiquette such as: – timekeeping, fulfilling commitments, setting expectations clearly, and planning appropriately for every meeting, phone call and other activity we are involved in. We believe that the value we add to our customers is based on the experience and skills of our staff. We only allocate our people to client work based on their appropriate experience and skill levels. We believe that, to advise you appropriately, we need relevant skills and experience for the piece of work in hand. If we do not feel confident in our skills and experience in relation to any aspect of any piece of work we will make you aware and strive to find the best person.

We aim to be commercially competitive with all our products and services. We do not try to win business by being the cheapest but by offering the best value in everything we do. We do this by maintaining our focus on delivering your goals and ensuring that we do not waste your time or money on activities with little or no return to you.
Our view of the software product we offer is simple we only sell and implement Highly Functional, Market Leading, Technology Driven software products. The reasons are straightforward:

Highly Functional

You need software to cope with your current requirements and have the flexibility to cope with future requirements.

Market Leading

In the software industry companies come and go! We feel that it is only sensible for our clients to take on software from the main industry players. There are no guarantees, but this gives the best chance of excellent product reliability, long term support, and a development plan that means your investment may last for 5-10+ years, not just 2 or 3 years.

Technology Driven

The progress in technology is opening a vast array of real business benefit opportunities. Not technology for its own sake, but for what it can offer. Vendors whose products are entrenched and tied to “old” technology will not be able to keep you driving new standards of efficiency and competitiveness within your organisation[/fusion_text][/fullwidth]